Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For My Locals :)

I have always been a semi-natural/organic cook since having the girls. I enjoy the food to taste as it should without the pesticides, hormones etc. So I try my hardest to maintain a Healthy lifestyle through using all organic and natural ingredients!! Well I have recently been turned on to www.tampabayorganics.com, They deliver all of the veggies and fruit I love to the front door once a week!!! When you sign up for your acct you can tell them what you do and dont like and make substitutions to your order each week if you'd like...This service is currently available in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in florida!!! The quality of the items are AMAZING!!!! and it has continued to save me more and more $ per week!!! Check them out and if you do order use me as a reference :)

Not to mention there staff is pretty amazing :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Kiddos

Well I blogged about what I had been up to the last 2 yrs but not the lil reasons I am a mommy so here it goes!!!!

I HAVE A FIRST GRADER!!!! MY Mini-Me Ms. Aysia Serene flew through kindergarten with ease and perfection!!! She is such a smart little girl and gets brighter and brighter by the day :) She is reading and adding numbers and spelling everything, She really just LOVES school.


Addy Reese is officially a VPK'er :) Shes writing her name and reading (somewhat) and is such a ball of energy and getting bigger and bigger by the day.

These two are the reason I breathe I am soooo proud of my lil ones :)
They both just completed their first year of dance at Just Dance Academy in Tarpon Springs under the instruction of the one and only Ms. Heather Walts (www.gotdancer.com) check them out AMAZING STAFF and PEOPLE :)

I will be posting pics in the next day or so of my beautiful little monkeys :)

Hope everyone had a GREAT day see you all in the coming days with more tid bits :)


Ok Ladies (and some gents) Im Back from the working mom era to YEP You guessed it Im yet again a SAHM once again at least at the moment....Only this time Im a student :) I have decided to start blogging yet again and seeing what might just come out of these skinny little fingers of mine to you unsuspecting readers :) I have not had much time in the last (ahem) 2 years WOW!!!

So let me catch you up on me and why ive been off the radar a bit.....

Lets see where to start hmmmmm Lets start with my mom....In June 2009 Mom was diagnosed with a rare but highly agressive form of breast cancer, Inflammatory Breast cancer. By the time of the diagnoses mom was stage 4 :(!!! 8 short months later she went to Houston to meet with the specialists at MD Anderson, where unfortunately whe was diagnosed with leptomeningeal disease... aka Brain cancer. just 30 days later my dear mother (Momma, Tammy Sue, Tata) Passed away and went to Heaven to be our own personal lil angel :) We Miss you Momma But I know you are shining down on us :)
Tammy Sue Stansell
10/27/57 to 3/17/10

SOOOOO Its been a rough year on all of us....But were all back and getting back to the swing of things!!!

So Im off to cook a yummy dinner for the lil's and Im sure Ill be back on to post some words of wisdom soon or maybe I'll Just stick to a recipe lol :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

OK ONCE AGAIN....Do I live in Florida?!?!?

I Despise cold weather!
THats right in Tarpon Springs, FLORIDA we had to scrape Ice from the car this am its rediculous....

this is NOT Dirt but ICE on the ground EVERYWHERE!

I tell you what if summer doesnt hurry up im not leaving the house until it gets here! SCREW THIS!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last time I checked.......

I live in FLORIDA
I get in the car to take the kids to school and take my little self and hubby to work and this is what I see. Not the way to start my day.

I apologize if you northerners dont find this cold, but us FLORIDIANS that enjoy sunny beaches cant handle this crap gimme Smmer back where I can enjoy my bikinis and drinks on the beach!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome our new addition.......

Over the last couple of months chris and I have been toying with idea for a pet for the girls, Well we found her and we couldnt pass her up. Please meet our newest addition to the Renaud Family.......

Princess Shae

Shae is an 8 year old, full blooded AKC certified Jack Russel Terrier. Shes the sweetest most loving dog we could have ever hoped for. The girls are in absolute heaven... Shes Perfect.

Thank you To Tim and Sarah, We promise we will take great care of her, We love her as part of the family already!

More pics soon ( dont look at me either it was a lazy sunday on the couch.)Pics are from my cell that is why such poor quality.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jadeys Show!!! here are some more pics.....

Ok well Here are some more pics of Jades show (see older post) shes amazing

Piece Choreographed by Chally Rowjohn FLOARTS
Jadey in the beginning
shes at the top
again top middle
middle front
again middle top of stairs
Coming through the girls arms
Her on the ladder upside down

Her up front in another piece
jade contemporary

Middle black red and tan
jade hiphop

If you ever read this, I sont think you understand what an inspiration you are to me, you have followed your dreams and are doing an amazing job everyday you are a star and I am so proud of you I LOVE YOU!